Free Range Aoudad

Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) hunting can be a tough, yet rewarding adventure. Our goal here at HWO is to give you the trophy and hunt of a lifetime. When hunting free range aoudad in West Texas we have access to multiple different private ranches with acreage totaling over 500,000 acres of sheep paradise!
When you book a hunt, we will discuss the options each ranch has to offer to fit your personal needs. Each ranch boasts a large population of aoudad, with equal trophy opportunity. Some ranches offer a tougher, more challenging hunt, while another may offer a more relaxed hunt.
The low fence properties we hunt are all located in the High Desert of the Trans-Pecos region in West Texas. We are scattered from Van Horn to Marathon. For traveling, the nearest commercial airports will be El Paso or Midland (Depending on the ranch we hunt). Once landed, you will rent a car or we will arrange pick up. You will then travel 100-200 miles out of El Paso or Midland to the ranch we are hunting. If you choose to rent a car, one of our team members will be arranged to meet you at the nearest town to where we are hunting to lead you out to the hunting grounds safely. We prefer arrival to be around noon prior to the start of the hunt.
Aoudad are exotic animals to the U.S., which means in Texas there is not a season. However, we hunt aoudad from August-October and January-March. On a fall hunt you may expect to see the rut happening in full swing.  The early part of the year hunts we will be hunting bachelor groups of Rams. Either time frame has been successful for us in the past.
Due to the expense it takes to put on a hunt like this we prefer a minimum of 2 hunters in camp, but not to exceed 3 hunters. We prefer to book 2 friends to avoid putting people in camp with strangers. If this is not an option we can discuss further options. Each hunter will have their own guide unless requested otherwise. On a normal occasion Jim Breck will be a guide, and will have our hired guide(s) in camp to take the remaining hunter(s). Our guides are well experienced in the field, and will give nothing short of their best. In the last several seasons we have pulled off a stunning 100% shot opportunity on Rams averaging 30+”, which is quite an accomplishment in this rough terrain. HWO has 3 rams in the top 10 of the “Free Range” category, harvested by Jimmy Matthews (39 2/8), CJ Sibert (37 1/8), Clint Hughes (36 7/8).

Other available species to add:


Included in price:

-3 day hunt/4 night lodging
-3 meals per day
-Full guide services
-Field care of animal
-Caping of head

Not included in price:

-Texas Hunting License (5 day special) purchase online
-Taxidermy (Can be arranged to be done by our taxidermist)
-Shipping of trophy (can be arranged for postal fees only)
-Transportation from airport (can be added for an additional price of $250/per trip to airport)

Gear List:

-Good optics (long range glass)
-.270 caliber rifle or larger
-Hunting (hiking) boots
-Warm clothes
-Back Pack for gear
-Extra bullets


-1×1 guide services (unless desired to hunt w/ a friend)
-Knowledgeable/experienced guide
-Trophy Rams ranging from 28-32″+
-Expect to see good numbers of game
-Physically challenging stalks

This is a real sheep hunt, so your gear list can be very important for your success and comfort. One can expect long range shots ranging from 250-500 yds. Practice shooting before you come!!!