Free Range Texas Elk/Pronghorn Antelope

Most people don’t picture Texas as the place to chase Free Range Elk, but what most don’t understand is we have some large herds in a few certain mountain ranges! HWO has exclusive access to two different ranches with large herds of Elk. Our Elk hunts can be schedule for anytime with any weapon, as our Elk are recognized as an “Exotic” because they’re not native to our land. Elk herds have been introduced into the state by landowners into terrain that matches their native grounds. Our elk are recognized by SCI as a free range herd, but B&C has not put them on their list due to the introduction of a non native species. We can accommodate 4-5 hunters per year, during rut or any other time of the hunters choice. Our hunts will be conducted as a traditional spot/stalk hunt, with the use of calls during the rut. Come let us show you the Texas Elk herd!

Pronghorn are a native game animal to Texas, and we offer some of the finest pronghorn hunts in the US. Our prairies and flats can be decorated by the herds of Texas “Speedgoats” and can offer a challenging hunt to the sportsman. The Western counties of our state have some of the largest Pronghorn in the U.S. With several goats making official B&C from these areas. HWO offers pronghorn hunts on 3 different private ranches in West Texas and with the incline of our population we will soon to be offering more. The Texas season is generally the first week of October which can offer you to be able to add other species we offer. If Pronghorn has been on your bucket list, come join us in West Texas for your next adventure!

Other available species to add: